The Crunchy Carrot is a locally sourced cold-pressed juice business. Our vision is to connect the community with local produce and knowledge about juicing; supporting our local farmers while reaping the many benefits their fruits and veggies have to offer!

AboutUsCEO and Founder: Megan Riggs

The Crunchy Carrot was founded in June 2017 by Virginia Beach local Megan Riggs.Β Before juicing, Megan attempted a number of fad diets, resulting in a hospital visit due to her body’s inability to cope with these cleanses and binges. This wake up call taught Megan that balance and moderation are paramount to regulating homeostasis in the body.

Megan found the Crunchy Carrot in the hope of sharing these lessons learned by facilitating fun conversations about health and nutrition with her high quality, delicious, and easily accessible juices. Come join the conversation!